System 2

Based on a Nissan NV High Roof van, System 2, 

The Guerrilla Pack- is a small but powerful system, perfect for those hard to reach places or budgets…

01x Atem HD Studio Switcher (4 SDI, 2 HDMI inputs)
01x Blackmagic HyperDeck Recorder
01x 16 Ch Mackie Onyx Mixer
01x Audio Embedder
04x Panasonic HPX 170 Cameras with Remote Control
04x Vinten Tripods
01x Production Intercom System with 6 Headsets
01x 32 Inch LED Monitor
01x 17 Inch Mac Book Pro
01x Yamaha Audio Monitor

The Audio System

Based on a Soundcraft Performer Si Console, the system has the capability of 64 channels of multitrack recording to dual DAW stations for redundancy. It is also modular providing the option of being used inside the truck or in the venue. 

01x Soundcraft Si Performer 64 Ch Digital console
02x Soundcraft 32 Ch Stage Boxes
01x 52 Channel 2 way Analog Splitter
02x DAW Recording Setups
04x Boom Audio-Technica Shotgun Microphones
02x Quested Powered Studio Monitors
02x Roland M12 monitors


02x Jimmy Jib 18-40FT 
01x 12’ Mini Jib
01x Steady Cam

01x Steady Cam Jr 
01x 5 ghz Portable Microwave 
01x 20’ Doorway type dolly

01x 20" Rubber tube dolly 
01x 18’ Motorized  track dolly w remote control
01 x Pan and Tilt Head with Remote Control

01x 200mm + 2x, lens

01x 390mm + 2x lens

01x 72x Box lens with accesories

01x 12 x 12 1000w LED kit

01x Arri 650 kit


02x 32'' Telepromters

06x 48"" LCD monitors with base

06x Sennheiser Lavalier mics

CREW available upon request

All Systems are installed in modules and can be used in vehicle as OB Vans or in location as Flypacks.

the hd video systems

Copyright Javier Hernandez

System 1

Based on a easy to manuver 18 feet NPR Isuzu, System 1 provides all the basic necesities for full HD Broadcast or live Streaming solutions, 4 replay channels, CG and ISO camera recording.  A 3kw power backup system provides emergency power in case of power interruption. The system is modular so that it can also be used as Flypack inside the venues.

01x 20 Input  Atem 2me switcher with remote panel
01x 48” LED Monitor

06x Sony PMW 320 Cine Alta Cameras
06x Camlix CCU Fiber Systems with comm, tally and 1 video return channel
07x Fiber Cable Reels, 328 ft each
02x Fiber Cable Couplers
06x Lens Fujinon 93mm  
03x Studio Zoom/Focus Kits
06x Vinten Vision 100 Tripod Systems
02x Lumens VCG-50 Robotic Cameras with VS-K20 remote controller
02x Marshall CV505 HD SDI POV Cameras with remote

06x RMB 150 RCU for Sony Cameras
01x 40 x 40 Video Router 
01x Master Control Panel
01x Smart Video Hub Control Panel
01x Ikan Video Scope Waveform Vectorscope
01x Smart Scope Duo Monitor

02x Blackmagic HyperDecks
01x Newtek 425 3Play
01x 2 Channel ProVideo Server
01x Mac Book Computer
01x Avid Media Composer 6
ISO Recording Capability for each Camera

Live CG BroadCast HD Graphic Generator

01x Mackie 1408 Mixer w Yamaha monitor
02x 48” LED Monitors
03x HD Talent Monitors
02x Walkie Talkies
Several Video and Audio Converters

2 Channel Pro Intercom System with IFB. 
02x Pro Intercom  Speaker Stations 
10x Beltpacks - plus one comm interface per camera
12x Headsets
03x Sport Casters
02x Wireless IFB systems